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The Lincoln Family in
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Abraham Lincoln Remembered His Kentucky Roots

The true home of President Abraham Lincoln's family in the pioneer days of Kentucky was the Mill Creek area of Hardin County. Today this area is known as Radcliff/Ft Knox.
Mill Creek, a tributary of the Salt River, appears labeled and correctly drawn on the first map of Kentucky published by John Filson in 1784. One of the contributors toward this map was Daniel Boone.
Long before the establishment of Ft Knox, local residents would converge on the old Mill Creek Baptist Church, est. 1783, for mutual protection from Indian raids. Initially located in the Lincoln Memorial/Mill Creek Cemetery overlooking Mill Creek at Ft Knox, today the congregation meets in a modern edifice on South Jones Street in Radcliff.

- Log church in Lincoln Cemetery -
(Photo courtesy of Scarritt College)
The Lincoln Memorial Cemetery gets it name from Abraham Lincoln's "Granny" Bathsheba Lincoln, the first of the family buried in that consecrated ground. Nancy Brumfield, aunt of President Abraham Lincoln, her husband William Brumfield and their daughter Mary Crume complete the three generations of Lincoln's buried side by side. When you have several generations of the same family buried together it indicates long time residence.

- Cemetery not open to visitors -
(Photo courtesy of Gary Kempf)
Thomas Lincoln, who was to become the father of Abraham Lincoln, was an industrious farmer and cabinet maker. In 1803, he purchased a 238 acre farm which he paid cash for and kept ownership until October 1814 The farm is located near the southern boundary of present day Radcliff/Ft Knox on Battle Training Road, approximately 2 ½ miles from Dixie Highway.
Artists concept of Mill Creek Home
- Artist's concept of Mill Creek Home -
(Courtesy of Marvin Lee Nall)
In early spring of 1806, Thomas Lincoln, took a flatboat loaded with produce from the West Point, Ky. boat landing to New Orleans. The trip, requiring about sixty days, was a profitable one and enabled him to make final plans for his marriage to Nancy Hanks, future mother of President Lincoln, on June 12 of that year.

- Historical Marker in West Point -
The Lincoln Mantle showcases Thomas' talents as a craftsman, in the Lincoln Room of the Ft Knox Leader's Club. Originally constructed in 1805 for the Hardin Thomas home (aka Lincoln Heritage House), approximately 5 miles south of the Mill Creek farm, the mantle was purchased by Major William Radcliffe, for installation at Ft Knox in 1919.

- Lincoln Mantle -
When the Thomas Lincoln family moved on west in the autumn of 1816, Little Abe and sister Sarah probably looked out the back of the wagon waving goodbye to Granny Bathsheba and the Brumfields as they traveled over a pioneer road which passed through present day Radcliff and Vine Grove. A Kentucky historical marker is located in downtown Vine Grove.
Abraham Lincoln became the United States' 16th President in 1860. He never forgot his roots, and the Kentucky Lincolns on Mill Creek, which he had known as a child.

Hardin County native Charles Middleton, internationally known for playing Ming The Merciless in the 1930s Flash Gordon serials, is the only actor in Hollywood to play both Abraham Lincoln (several times) and his father Thomas Lincoln (Abraham Lincoln In Illinois, 1940) in films.

More Info: flashgordon.ws/ming.htm

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